Hello and welcome to my personal exercise and nutrition blog! I created this blog in order to help others meet their fitness goals and achieve a level of health they yearn for; as well as having a forum that will bring others together to help share their stories, trials, and tribulations. This is a one-stop shop for exercise and health information and support!

Greg, Creator and Owner of FitnessandFueling.com

My name is Greg, I am a military service member, husband, and father.  I have been a fitness enthusiast for over a decade. I began exercising at the age of 16 and focused primarily on muscle building, as any young teenager would. After a few years of on and off exercise I joined the military in 2007 which is when my journey really began. For the past decade, I have maintained a disciplined lifestyle in fitness and nutrition.

For the past ten years, I have helped dozens of people in the military achieve their physical fitness goals, lose weight and develop a mindset to help them maintain those standards. Frequently I am asked what routines I follow, what diets I use and how do I do it? I have experimented with many workout programs such as traditional weight lifting, P90X, CrossFit, SealFit, and multiple others. I have tried diets such as a low carb, ketogenic, and vegetarian to name a few.

So what can I offer to my readers? I want to inspire others that feel they cannot reach their fitness goals or who are struggling in their journey. You can get my insight into products I have used in the past and how workout programs and diets have worked for me, both good and bad. I really enjoy connecting with those who are interested in fitness and health and want to provide you first-hand unbiased information that will help you succeed!

I encourage everyone reading this to get inspired and take action now!

– Greg

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