Intense Yet Simple, Tabata Today

Are you lost when you get in the gym and bounce from machine to machine without any real plan? Do you not even start because you aren’t sure what to do? Well, consider this simple yet quick exercise if so!

Tabata is a high-intensity exercise routine that involves multiple movements. These movements are performed for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. That cycle is completed 8 times. That is 4 minutes of high-intensity work performed with as many movements as you would like. The goal is to perform as many repetitions as possible. The convenient part of this routine is the ability to make it easy or hard depending on your level of fitness. For example, a simple movement like a pushup can be performed for 20 seconds, your rest can be in the plank position, the leaning rest position, or rest on your knees or however else you would like. Another example is squats, your rest can be in the squat hold position at 90 degrees or your rest can be in the standing position. Below is the Tabata workout that I occasionally do, if you are up for the challenge give it a try! I will also include a Tabata treadmill workout those that like to run. Throw a couple of these movements together and you can easily get a 20-minute high-intensity workout in. If you have any questions about the movements or process please comment or email.



Push ups (Rest in plank position)


Sit ups (Rest with feet 6” from floor)

Slam ball (Rest with ball overhead and arms locked out)

Kettlebell swing (Never set kettlebell down)

8 Rounds, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.



Treadmill incline set to 12 (speed anywhere from 6-8)

8 Rounds, 20 seconds of running uphill, 10 seconds resting with feet on side of treadmill



Flutter kicks

Box Jumps (any height)

Mountain Climbers





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