CrossFit Vs. Weightlifting

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It has been a while since my last post, I’m still here. In attempts to maintain balance in my life blogging had to pay the price.  I hope you enjoy this new article and as always comments are more than welcome. Thank you for continuing to follow me and read my posts!

CrossFit, not just a fad anymore but a proven fitness regime that delivers results. Weightlifting, a time-honored traditional style of fitness. This article will discuss my outlook leveraging over a decade of experience.

Over the years there has been and will continue to be, the debate over which exercise regime is proven to be the most effective. Enthusiasts of each have their facts that prove one is more effective than the other. What factors are taken into account when deciding which program may be more beneficial for you? Aspects such as time, resources, abilities, diet constraints, etc all play a role in deciding what workout program to choose.

Over the course of a decade, I have experimented with both CrossFit and weightlifting. Weightlifting established my foundation for exercise and introduced me to fitness, there will always be that love and appreciation for the activity. For me, it can also serve as a therapy. However, in my experience, weightlifting is easier and a more calm controlled regime. While the repetitive movement of heavy weight and reps can be challenging I do not believe it is as challenging as CrossFit.

Weightlifting Benefits

  • Increased muscle and strength
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased testosterone
  • Controlled movements, less likely to get injured
  • Many proven regimens available for results
  • Can be performed in gyms that do not charge a hefty membership fee
  • Reduces stress and cortisol levels


CrossFit Benefits

  • Increased overall fitness
  • Increased muscle gain
  • Increased fat loss
  • Positive impact on cardiovascular system
  • More mentally challenging, increasing resiliency
  • Motions mimic various activities in day to day life
  • Many classes offered to encourage proper form
  • Group or team mentality can encourage participation
  • Less likely to plateau since workouts of the day (WOD) vary day to day


Weightlifting Shortfalls

  • Does not improve cardiovascular health
  • May not improve functional health and decrease flexibility
  • Average weightlifter may take numerous supplements that may have negative side effects
  • Can be grounded on a cosmetic or glamor basis, not necessarily health or fitness


CrossFit Shortfalls

  • More expensive membership fee (unless you have a home gym/box)
  • Lack isometric movements
  • Great risk of injury if done incorrectly or your ego is too big
  • Boasts a competitive environment that may not be beneficial depending on your personality or preferences
  • If you perform CrossFit style workouts on your own or self-program, you may have a higher risk of injury
  • May lose muscle mass

My CrossFit experience is rooted within SEALFIT, a more demanding program that encompasses CrossFit programming along with other functional training. This type of training makes me feel healthier and more ready. I enjoy the challenge and the mentally demanding aspects of this style of training. Since weightlifting can be slower and not as aggressive it simply doesn’t challenge me the way that CrossFit can and when I weightlift I give it 100 percent!

So which one is for you? Depends on your personality and goals. If you prefer to look good or are simply looking to gain muscle and not considered with overall health, weightlifting may be for you. In contrast, if you prefer to focus on functionality, health, strength, and cardio then CrossFit may be for you. While both are healthier options than being sedentary, strongly believe in the long run a CrossFit tailored program is more beneficial. Keep in mind too much of anything is a bad thing so variety is important!

I have been following a standard weightlifting regime I found from that had great results in my opinion. I performed most of these workouts in the afternoon or evening. Unfortunately, it just becomes far too boring for me and I have to revert back to SEALFIT, where I can get back into CrossFit and challenge myself both mentally and physically. My happy place is when my body is starving for oxygen, muscles burning, and sweat is dripping. To me, that is where results lie, that is where you can find out what you are really made of. Weightlifting is far too simple of an act in the gym, same movements, and too much rest. Even holding that last rep or continuing to failure, it still isn’t enough for me.




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  1. Josh says:

    I agree with you on all your major points. One thing I would add though, is that the 2 disciplines can and do compliment each other very well. For example, Tia Clair Toomey, a Crossfit athlete who had a 2nd place finish at last years games also represented Australia in the Olympics. Additionally, I think Crossfit has probably introduced more people to weightlifting than weightlifting alone could have done alone (if that makes sense). Another solid article bud.

    1. Josh, couldn’t agree more. Can compliment each other if a balance is taken into account. Thanks for the comment.

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