Exercise, Kids and Making Time

I have recently had a reader ask for suggestions on workouts with babies and children when you aren’t able to get to a gym or have very limited time.  As new parents, my wife and I feel the pain of finding time to get a workout in. Schedules and resources greatly impact a parent’s ability to exercise. Fortunately, there are several ways you can still exercise or get to the gym. I first have to mention that typically when someone says they don’t have time for something that means “I don’t want to”. Even with my suggestions, there has to be some amount of sacrifice in order to obtain your goal.

  • Sleep-less

    • Healthier people actually need less sleep
    • This means fueling your body with the proper nutrients that it needs. Being new parents or having young children you are probably already sleeping less
    • This can free up some time to get a quick 30-minute workout in after your little one goes to bed or before they wake up in the morning
  • Purchase a jogging stroller or a carrier that holds the baby on your body

    • Plus side to the carrier is that you are able to be hands-free
  • Dedicate a room or space in your home for working out

    • This area does not need to be fancy, a few items can allow you to get a great workout in at home
    • I recommend a kettlebell and exercise ball to get you started
  • Mommy and Me workouts or I guess Daddy and Me workouts

  • Some gyms do offer daycare for your child while you exercise

    • Ask a gym you may be interested in (Gold’s Gym is known to have a daycare)
  • Prioritize your day

    • See what you can cut out to make more time. For many, it could be cutting out one television show or the time spent surfing the web or social media networks
  • Do burpees or planks

    • Can be done anywhere anytime with kids or little ones watching. You can make it fun for your toddler to participate. Our infant especially loves when my wife does planks or pushups above him or while he is doing his tummy time.

Remember, despite what you may see or read, you do not have to spend hours a day getting in shape! Proper nutrition and a little routine exercise will go a long way. Consider some of these suggestions and make a change to better yourself!

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