Miracle Program by Jim Wendler

If you are interested in developing strength this program may be for you. Proven and raved about by many sports/lifting enthusiasts,  the 5/3/1 program is effective and simple!

There are several different programs that follow the 5/3/1 method. Depending on which program you choose will depend on how many days of strength training and how many days of conditioning you have. The program I chose is the Triumvirate which encompasses the large muscle lifts such as the bench press, squat, etc. This program has you do assistance work through the larger lifts (simply stated: working the smaller muscles that assist the larger muscles) then days that you do conditioning work such as light run, walk uphill, etc.

Spending an hour maximum in the gym, a few days a week, using this method, will make you strong, it has been proven by so many enthusiasts! Each of my core lifts: squat, deadlift, strict press and bench press increased as the months went on. My overall weight was up by a few pounds and it wasn’t fat! The de-load week which is the 4th week of each cycle can be a bit boring but a vital aspect of the routine. After about six months of this, I decided to switch it up so I do not plateau. More so, I decided to switch because the work simply did not feel enough for me. I prefer leaving the gym feeling exhausted and this did not exhaust me anymore, even going as heavy as possible. The program tells you not to tweak it to your liking and if Jim Wendler says not to tweak the program, I’m going to listen to him! Therefore, I took my extra muscle and increased strength and moved onto the next program. I will revisit this program in the future when I decide to focus solely on strength and not so much stamina or endurance.

If you decide to try this program make sure you have a notebook to keep track of your percentages. This appears to start out easy, even too easy it might seem. I assure you it will get harder and heavier.



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