SEALFIT is Like a Bear Fight

Hey everyone,

I figured I would write a follow-up article since I mentioned in my previous post that I was switching back to CrossFit style training. After a few months of overly boring body building, I figured it was time for a change. To sum it all up, I am here writing this and drinking wine feeling like I got in a fight with a bear asking myself why did I do this.

The thought of movement makes me tired at this point. Throughout the week I asked myself how I did this program for years. Clearly, I recognize that your body can adapt to almost anything but you still ask yourself sometimes. If you aren’t familiar with SEALFIT here is a short and simple.


  • 5-10 min warmup
  • Strength workout (for example, Jim Wendler program or other routines that include a major lift to develop strength) Typically 10-20 min
  • Stamina workout to include several rounds of movement that will attempt to exhaust your body (time varies)
  • Work capacity workout (aka CrossFit workout 10-30 mins of high-intensity work
  • Durability which includes either core work, sprints, or a run (short or long)

Here is what I experienced over the past first week…

  • Intense muscle soreness
  • More time spent at the gym
  • Cardio capacity was significantly decreased
  • Olympic lifting capacity decreased
  • Appetite and metabolism seem to not have changed despite the significant change in energy demand.

On the bright side…

  • I enjoyed the early morning wake up and workout routine
  • My mental capacity has maintained
  • I sweat far more, which is enjoyable
  • My time in the gym felt more worthwhile (which is extremely important to me)

Why this…

So why am I writing this? To let people know that even us knowledgeable and motivated exercise gurus still experience trials and tribulations. While it proved to be exceptionally demanding on my body, my mind was sharp. The mind is far more powerful than many realize. For example, I could wake up tomorrow and run a marathon, without training. With a solid athletic foundation and mental strength, you can do anything. I don’t say that to brag because my marathon time would be horrible, actually embarrassing probably. Along with letting others know that we experience difficulty in our programming to illustrate that contemplation is also prevalent and normal. I currently do not know if I will continue another week since 2 1/2 hours in the gym is really at the top of my list right now while juggling a full-time job, a family, household tasks, my blog, and soon to college. I may look into a program a good friend recommended, SOFLETE. While this program hits similar aspects it requires far less time.

I will continue to provide updates on my journey as well as posting my normal fitness related tips and tricks. Thank you all for reading and if you take only one thing from this article it’s this – You can do anything you use to, how it feels and how you feel about it may be different but your mind can still be as sharp as ever.

Thanks for reading,




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