Start Today not Tomorrow

Getting started, why is it one of the hardest aspects of getting in shape? Forgive my bluntness but I can only venture to think it’s the side effect of laziness. This article may be brutal and straight forward but there is a lesson to be learned amid it all.

If I had a dime for everyone that has told me they need to work, I wouldn’t need to show up to work every day. The problem I notice is people say one thing and do another, this is a serious root cause of health concerns today. This confuses me beyond imagination if you say you want to exercise more, do it! Stop reading this article, though please come back to it, but go exercise RIGHT now. Why yearn for something and not make any steps to get closer to that desire? I will be blunt, many of the people whom this article is aimed at those who are already slightly overweight or obese. Now, medical conditions can hinder one’s ability to perform exercises. That is a disability, not an excuse or free pass to not perform any exercise. If that is you, my suggestion is, do some research or ask the right questions to find out what exercise may be safe or beneficial to you. I am sure your doctor will be glad to tell you this information. Swimming, as it comes to mind right now, for those needing far less resistance and impact, is an excellent way to move and burn calories. During my time in Hawaii, in the early hours of the morning when I would exercise, numerous people of all types, elderly, overweight, young, and disabled would walk in the pool or even swim. I am not saying that swimming is going to make you fit alone. I am saying that these people are making progress to be as fit as possible with their limitations and that is what’s important.

Now, we say we are going to start swimming or get on a less demanding exercise routine. Days later, even months later there has been no progress. Far more common than one would think, it happens. Were excuses made, was it out-prioritized, or did the simplicity of waking up to coffee and breakfast prior to your drive into work or your relaxing evening spent at home unwinding before bed, sound more enticing so it didn’t happen. That is called comfort and it’s a catchy place to be that ends up leaving you lazy.

Maybe the action part isn’t the problem, perhaps failure is preventing success. If you tell people you want to get fit and start eating healthy then there is more pressure and stress. In addition to stress of the recent changes that have to occur, you now stress of failing and others witnessing the failure. Who cares if you fail a time or two, the feeling of failure is holding you back and those that are judging you based on failing are people you should cut out anyway. In my opinion, the added stress of telling people you are committing to something motivates me more. It’s a simple philosophy, you tell a few people that you are close with, that you are going to do something. Then you do it, you paint your own reality.

If any of this sounds like you then it’s time to make strides towards your fitness goals. Select a few people to be part of your support group, a social media post declaring your goal is a great start. Be honest and cut out the excuses you are making. If you are voicing your goal with your support group and they aren’t following up with you, you need new people. Unless you are driven well by self-motivation, you will need people to help you achieve your goal. Too many people are uncomfortable looking at themselves in the mirror and saddened by their inability to achieve their weight loss goals.

I hope this article sparks a fire inside you to finally make progress. An excellent place for support and accountability is the Fitness & Fueling Facebook page.

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  1. tammy says:

    hahaha Love the reference to those like me! This morning I had the added challenge of trying to exercise on my total gym with two puppies who thought they had to be on the equipment with me. Somehow we managed with no injuries – just lots of “no, off”, and “Lay down”!

    1. Fitness and Fueling says:

      Glad you like it. Puppies can be part of the support group too 🙂


    Excellent read !!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Amazing read…Thanks for share……

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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