Tired of a Weak Grip? Try this!

Do you wish that you could get that pickle jar open, without asking someone else? Do you wish you could carry over 70 pounds, or move heavy furniture, without setting it down? Grip strength is important, not only in exercise but in various sports, and household chores. This article will provide you with tips to increase grip strength and how it can take your training to the next level. Who knows, this might even help you push through that plateau!



Grip strength will not only give you that handshake you might desire, it will also further increase your ability to lift heavier weight. Forearm and grip strength are your first line of defense when someone wants to hurt you. Having a powerful punch and being able to forcefully remove an attacker are important when it comes to self-defense. Grip strength is also what you use in many sports, opening jars, and almost any activity that requires your hands! The solution to increasing your strength in this area may be easier than you have imagined. There is a way to improve forearm and grip strength without doing ridiculous wrist curls, for hours, in the gym each week.



A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found, by studying golfers that used Fat Grip training, three times a week, for eight weeks, they increased ball speed, carry, drive distance, and right-hand grip strength. That means this works to make those forearms stronger! If you are an avid golfer this could help your score, or if you know an avid golfer, this may be the perfect birthday present! As I mentioned previously, this would improve your performance in not only sports but various activities which utilize your hands and forearms.gripz

Fat Grips are large silicone grips that slip over the barbell, allowing you perform lifts with a much larger grip handle. They come in various sizes. Using these tools puts a significant amount of stress on the forearm and is proven to increase grip strength. Stop wasting time in the gym, lifting more weight than you can handle, with wrist straps which make it easier to lift the weight, as this will only hinder your forearm and grip development. I suggest using wrist straps, if needed, during the last set when you feel that a little assistance may help. Instead of using them most of the time, to improve your grip strength, try using Fat Grips and reduce the weight when you perform heavy pulling lifts like the deadlift, shrugs and bent over row. I can assure you that your forearms will feel useless if you try to deadlift your normal weight with Fat Grips, which is why you want to decrease your weight. You can expect to see a 30-50% decrease in your deadlift, one rep max (the maximum weight that you can lift, one time) until you can build up that forearm and grip strength. When doing pull-ups, stray away from using any type of strap here as well, try switching up your hand position as you wear out. Pull ups are one of many exercises you will notice become easier as your grip and forearm strength increases. To see how fat grips feel before you purchase them, simply wrap a towel around the bar, squeeze and lift. Towels can be more of a hassle after a while which is why I use Fat Gripz. The towel will begin to form to your grip; therefore, decreasing the circumference of your grip. I have used these and can attest to the fact that they work as claimed!
Here’s to being able to lift more weight without needing assistance and opening those condiments!


Source: The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research · February 2017 with 8 Reads
DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001844



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