Why You Should Be Using TRX

If you are looking for a fantastic and effective workout solution at home, then look no further, TRX Suspension Training is the solution. This simple system can provide a wide range of movements that will increase strength and aid in fat burning. Continue reading to find out more about TRX training.

What is TRX?

TRX Suspension training uses the force of gravity and the individual’s body weight to allow hundreds of exercises to be performed. For those that are not aware of what TRX straps are, they are nylon straps that have padded handles on the ends. Although several different packages are available the system is the same. Additional accessories are available to anchor this in a door frame for convenient home use. While very mobile, there are numerous ways to anchor the TRX system both indoor and outdoor. I use TRX straps often and I am impressed with the system and recommend it to anyone looking for improvements in flexibility to strength.

Backed By Research

American Council on Exercise (ACE) with the help of Lance C. Dalleck, PD., and his team of researchers at the Western State Colorado University conducted research on the physiological effects of TRX training. The study was comprised of 16, moderately physically active, men and women varying in age from 21-71. The participants wore a calorimetric measurement system and a heart rate monitor while completing three, 60- minute TRX sessions, a week, for 8 weeks. Standard exercises like lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, chest presses, rows, squats, side planks, and curls were performed. Between cycles they completed cardio exercises like the agility ladder or kettlebell swings. After the 8 weeks the study found that there were decreases in waist circumference, body fat percentage, and resting blood pressure. Additionally, muscular strength was increased; this was measured by their one rep maximum on the bench press and leg press. Although there was not a significant improvement in VO2 max, the decrease in resting blood pressure stood out to researchers because it’s a large factor in various health risks and issues.


Hundreds of exercises can be performed at various levels of intensity to accommodate everyone. Simply varying the angles can make certain exercises easier or more challenging. The fact that TRX can be set in place at home or moved outside makes this extremely versatile, gaining benefits of outdoor exercise or indoor during foul weather.

To get these benefits and start improving your fitness click here. You can visit (TRXTRAINING.com) for additional information. Also, YouTube has plenty of demonstrations available. As previously mentioned, I regularly use these either in a warm-up setting or after fatigue when body weight is safer than using other weights at that point.

TRX training is a fantastic alternative to traditional exercise and bolsters holistic benefits. With an 89.2% clinical benefit in improving “hard 30-year cardiovascular disease risk” and 86% clinical benefit in improving “full 30-year cardiovascular disease risk” TRX training is hard to beat for the price and convenience. Check out the videos online and try it out for yourself, I think you will be glad that you did!




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