45 Minute Plank For Mental Toughness

If someone told you to complete a 45-minute plank or to stay in the lean and rest position for 45 minutes what would your response be? Without fail, most people would say they can’t do it. This article is not backed by research or scientific studies. This is a personal article to my readers, sharing my experiences of completing a plank, for 45 minutes, multiple times, in hopes that you will conquer it too.

I followed SealFit for several years, dedicating a significant amount of my time and energy to this military fitness style program. If you would like to check it out which I highly recommend for someone wanting to take their fitness to a new level visit SealFit.com. Mark Divine, the creator of SealFit, runs several camps ranging from days to weeks in California. These camps are designed to test your mental and physical ability under the most stressful conditions, consider it a civilian hell week. I have to mention first that I have not been to one of these camps, as much as I have wanted to, it hasn’t happened for me. I watched a video on YouTube that I will link at the bottom of this article that showed Day 1 of their Basic Leadership Academy. It starts with a 45-minute plank hold while Mark Divine provides insight and inspiration. I highly recommend watching the 4-minute video on YouTube.

After watching about 2 minutes of the video I turned it off and attempted it the next day in the gym.  Alone, with only my thoughts and music, I constantly asked myself why I am doing this. I had no other answer other than proving to myself that if I set my mind to something I can do it. I can still remember the burning in my shoulders more than anything else. Frequently, my hands would lose feeling and I would have to shake them while putting all the weight on the other side of my body. This becomes extremely boring, I assure you; however, the more time I spent, the more time I had invested which made quitting become harder and harder for me to do mentally than just holding the plank position. It’s important that you develop the ability to tune out certain thoughts, for lack of better terms, take yourself to a happy place. To spare you the overwhelming boredom that I experienced I will cut the story short and tell you that I completed the challenge. Not once did my knees or anything other than my hands or feet touch the floor. As this isn’t really necessary for weight loss many people will ask the question, ‘’what is the benefit to me”?

plank photo

The next time something hurts or burns or gets tough you can slide back into the mindset you were in while doing this challenge and realize that you can keep going and pushing through the struggles you are facing. Plain and simple, it’s a confidence builder, that’s it. Many will say to me that I am already conditioned, making it easier for me. Maybe that is the case but I would also be willing to try a challenge that is out of my scope of comfort as well, with the same confidence. That is the type of confidence that evolutions like this can create. I have also woken up and decided to run a half marathon and did it without training. In my opinion, training for something like that will only prevent you from injury but your mind is capable of pushing you if your body can keep up. In my experience, working with many people both fit and less fit, the mind is what weakens them. The human body is capable of many things, things that you may not think it can do, that is all in your mind. Mental strength is true strength. Not only will having a great capacity for mental strength help you push through physical challenges but it will also help you in times of emotional hardships, stress, and times when you need to dig deep to get through a particularly difficult situation.


  • Be hydrated
  • Can do attitude will go a long way
  • Have some form of external motivation, ie. music
  • It’s ok to stick your butt in the air from time to time to stretch yourself out
  • Relax and breath deep
  • Shake hands from time to time to keep blood flowing
  • Yoga mat if you prefer for hands

Since my first completion of this challenge I have accomplished it two more times and have convinced one other person to do it with me. Maybe that person is just as weird as me but I saw them go through the same thought trials and tribulations as I did. Having a few positive thoughts and some determination and you can complete it, just as he did.

If you want to change your confidence or set a goal for yourself, I highly recommend attempting this challenge. If you fail, you fail, so what, write down what time you failed at and try again another time. I encourage you to try it now, leave a comment below of your experience; I look forward to hearing your stories.

SealFit 45 Minute Plank Video Here

10 comments on “45 Minute Plank For Mental Toughness”

  1. suzanne snyder says:

    Holy Moly! lol i plank but surely not like that. this is encouraging. wow.

  2. Eli Pacheco says:

    You’re so right – it’s in the mental state that we break down the most. This challenge can have a meditative aspect to it, I would think. I’m going to attempt it.

    1. Fitness and Fueling says:

      Exactly! You can easily sink into a meditative state and next thing you know 45 mins have passed. Best of luck Eli and let me know how it goes.

  3. dannymellema says:

    https://pinkfordays.wordpress.com/ Through Sheila’s mention I landed here. I shall definitely try this and recommend others! 😀

    1. Fitness and Fueling says:

      Awesome! It’s a good experience. Let us know how it goes.

      1. dannymellema says:

        I will let you know my progress in a month or a few!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great post! I noticed so much improvement only by beelieving I could do something and taking a shot at it 🙂 Thanks I am def trying this today!

    1. Fitness and Fueling says:

      Great! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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