Comfort Could Be The Pitfall

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I recently shared an article on the Fitness and Fueling Facebook page titled, A Potentially Fatal Habit, by End Of Three Fitness. Hopefully, you have read the article but this week I wanted to write my thoughts on the idea and provide a summary.

The article describes complacency as a fatal habit that can cause a negative domino effect on your fitness and health. Comfort, which is the culprit, in that domino effect can infect your goals and lifestyle.

How Comfort Affects You

Comfort, it’s that feeling of going home after work and relaxing. It’s hitting the snooze button in the morning until the last possible second and the great feeling of never being sore from physical activity. It is the peacefulness of having down time throughout your day. In hindsight, that may be more comfortable than the impacts of living a sedentary lifestyle. In short, making a few uncomfortable changes in your routine or lifestyle right now will afford you the opportunity to be more comfortable as you are older.

The Domino Effect

The article discusses the negative cycle of how people lose motivation and reduce effort as the cycle repeats itself. To briefly describe it, when you begin an exercise program and change your diet for the first time you are giving max effort. However as time goes on and you find reasons to not exercise or veer from your diet you again realize it’s time to snap back into it. Once you snap back into it you now only giving maybe 90 percent, and the cycle repeats. I highly encourage you to read the article for a more in depth explanation.

What Can You Control

First off, allow comfort to run only a small portion of your life. Many people choose comfort over work which will only make your situation worse. Here a few suggestions that may help you.


“A comfortable life in the present is the foundation for an unhealthy life tomorrow.”





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