Simple Tips for Morning Success

Do you ever wonder why it can be so hard to wake up and get to the gym first thing in the morning? I do! By implementing a few techniques into your routine it may be easier than you think. Depending on your fitness goals the morning time may be the best fit for you.

From my experience, and others I have known, the morning can make or break your fitness success. Many people do not take advantage of morning workouts due to the comfort of staying in bed or the thought of that extra hour of sleep. The notion of not being comfortable is the recipe for self-growth and success. You can say that you will work out in the morning; nevertheless, due to wanting to be comfortable, the workout gets pushed off until your lunch break or during work hours. Now, the chances of you getting to the gym have dramatically decreased.  Oftentimes, your boss will come and say he/she needs something to be completed in the afternoon, now you have to stay late or work through lunch. Maybe you take your lunch break and say you will exercise after work. If you are like me, you are exhausted after work and the gym does not sound enticing. According to “What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast”, written by Laura Vanderkam, most of your focus and productivity occurs in the morning and begins to taper off in the afternoon. If your goal is fitness, why not attack it full force, first thing in the morning, when you are your strongest.

I prefer morning exercise because it is in line with my fitness goals and it works for my family and I. Here are some tips that have helped me become a morning gym goer.

  • Prepare gym attire and clothes the night prior
  • Prepare gym bag/work clothes and place in vehicle (either way you will have to go to car in the morning, why not just make the trip worth it)
  • Write down your workout the night before so you know what you have to do (take the guessing work out of it)
  • Sleep in your gym clothes (I have never needed to do this, I know some that have done this and it works for them)
  • Set an alarm clock far enough away that you have to walk to turn it off
  • Set medications/supplements in one consistent location (i.e. Coffee pot or by the door)
  • Pack your lunch the night before so you have less to do in the morning
  • Have a workout partner that will hold you accountable to show up

Mindset is the key to success if you want to be dedicated to exercise in the morning. There are many mornings I have contemplated for several minutes whether I want to go back to bed for that extra sleep or go to the gym. I tell my internal self to shut up and go through the motions of getting to the gym.  Eventually, that internal talk will cease and realize it lost the battle.

I believe that if I fail at completing my first task of the day, what else will I fail to do throughout the day? Start your day off by completing the first task, get your workout in!

Recommended readings:

Train Your Brain for Success by Roger Seip

What the Most Successful People do before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam

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2 comments on “Simple Tips for Morning Success”

  1. anne leueen says:

    As I am older (67) I find I do not sleep in so an alarm at the bedside is sufficient to wake me. I usually ride or go to the gym in the morning and I always put out what ever clothing is required the night before. And……I eat breakfast! Thanks for this post. Good advice.

    1. Fitness and Fueling says:

      Anne, glad to hear. Mornings are my favorite time of the day. Thanks for commenting.

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