Work, Family, and Everything Else

Many of my readers have commented on finding a balance and how to incorporate everything we need to do on a daily basis. This article will serve as my suggestions and experience as everyone has different roles and responsibilities.

Balance, this topic can become complex and controversial depending on how people may take it. We are all dealt different hands and although some have more obligations than others we all make time for the priorities. This brings me to my first point.


Figuring out your priorities is vital to first identify what you want to accomplish. Be honest with what is a priority. Whatever comprises your list, write it down on a sheet of paper and keep it handy. It may help to post it by the mirror or vanity so you can reflect every morning. If it isn’t a priority, it should be on a different list. To be brutally honest your priorities should benefit you or serve to benefit a sole purpose in your life, for example, video games may not be a priority unless you are a video gamer by profession. Priorities are different for everyone, take a close look and re-evaluate as necessary.


Set time aside for hobbies. It is important to keep your identity after becoming a parent or even after you enter into a relationship. Your life does not have to be consumed by your children or significant other 100 percent of the time; it is okay to have your own hobby, your own goals and your own ideas, outside of your family. Hobbies can be a priority but the amount of time spent on your hobby will not be as great as time spent on more important priorities.

Do it right the first time

Take the time, effort and energy needed to complete the task at hand, the first time. When a task is not given your full attention many times it will have to be redone or corrected later. You have now doubled the time spent on completing this one task two times instead of doing it the correct way the first time.


Strive to set timelines for priorities. This may be easier for some tasks and it may be challenging for others it is okay either way. If you know you only want to allot 1 hour to exercise, 1 hour for emails/networking, or 30 minutes reading to your kids, set a time and adhere to it as much as possible. If finding a balance is a struggle, it may be necessary in the beginning, to plan your day much like you would at work. As odd as it may seem, it can help keep you on track, I promise.

Saying No

Many people give out too much of their time or struggle to say no, making them busier than they need to be. Again, if it’s a priority then you will need to make time for it. If you are always making obligations to and for others, start taking back your time and saying no, it’s ok to say no sometimes.

Cut Back Screen Time

I do not own a television or a smart phone although I do spend a lot of time blogging on the computer, it does not consume me. Far too many people spend too much time, not even aware, on social media and being trapped in the scrolling of feeds. Television has a way of gluing people to the couch after a long day of work. Unless your show is a priority because it benefits your life, remove it or minimize it.


Family time is critical in daily life. Learn how to managing your time and prioritize.


Stop Comparing

Your life is yours and should not be compared to others. You know what your goals are in life. Do not live vicariously through someone else, if you want the life someone else is portraying, start taking the steps to create it in your own life. Stop feeling guilty or bad for the way you live your life based off of what you see on social media. Social media can be deceiving, unless you are with these people throughout their day, you have no idea what really goes on in their life. Create your own fulfillment with your own goals and priorities in mind.

Give Up Comfort

This one is hard. As societies and cultures vary, for the majority of us, we favor comfort. Comfort can be a slippery slope. Sleeping in, relaxing, social media, television and video games are all comfortable things to do. If you want to balance all of your priorities, comfort may need to leave. On weekends wake up early or during week days get home from work, make dinner and get ready for bed, without really sitting down. Find comfort in your success and daily accomplishments. Comfort is only a temporary feeling, anyway.

Get Quality Sleep

One way to ensure your sleep is disrupted is having your phone going off next to you all night long. My schedule requires me to sleep during the day some weeks and at night during others. It can be hectic, it’s important to eliminate distractions when in your bedroom. Electronic devices should be removed from your bedroom and limit screen time prior to sleep. Having a dark room, using lavender and chamomile essential oils, playing a relaxing soundtrack, or doing some breathing exercises will assist in restful sleep. Sleep is a controversial topic itself as is how much sleep we need. In my experience, it’s not the quantity but rather the quality of sleep that is important. Waking up rested can greatly increase your success throughout the day. Children can put a damper on your sleep and there is no debating that, (which itself is another topic), but aim to reduce distractions while you sleep.

Balance is different for everyone as we have different obligations throughout our days and weeks. These suggestions can help put you on the right track to conquering all the things you want. Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, or comments.



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