Summer Foods to Avoid

Summer is quickly approaching and that means cookouts are soon going to take over your diet but that doesn’t mean your beach body needs to suffer. Consider a few suggestions mentioned in this article to help keep the pounds off this summer. Some people may be unaware of the calorie content of these popular cook out foods.




The most notorious is a burger with a bun. This may not sound as tasty after you realize that most buns have sugar, roughly 26 carbs and only 1 gram of fiber. That is the same amount of carbohydrates as a Hershey’s chocolate bar! The meat itself is a great source of protein so no harm there. My suggestion, skip the bun and enjoy the burger wrapped in lettuce. The keto diet favors meat and no buns! For more on Keto check out High Fat Low Carb.


BBQ Sauce


Now for the marinades, BBQ sauce is one of the most commonly used of the marinades. Some people marinate everything with it and even top their meat with this sauce. Many of these sauces are LOADED with sugars, you wouldn’t expect it, next time you are at the store check the nutrition facts. My suggestion is using Gazebo Room Greek or Balsamic Dressing and Marinade. You can marinate your steaks, chicken, or pork in this for under 40 calorie per serving and no sugar! This marinade is also fantastic on veggies, try marinating your Shish Kabobs in this as well!


Potato Chips


Next, potato chips! The average amount of carbs in a serving size of potato chips is 15 grams. Doesn’t seem too high right? Well if you stick to one serving which is 1 ounce you may be safe but how many of us stop at that? My suggestion, skip the chips all together and get the crunch from raw veggies.


Potato Salad


Then there is the Potato Salad, it has the same amount of carbohydrates as the burger bun.  The sugar content is roughly 10 grams per serving with little protein to offer.  Try a vegetable or black bean, corn salad instead.

If you consumed a cheeseburger, hot dog, pasta salad and some chips you essentially ate 4 Hershey’s Chocolate bars. How many of you still want to eat those foods after realizing that?


What Next…


So, how can you dodge all the calories and not come off rude at a cook out? Well it depends on your personality or how dedicated you are. Naturally, some people will get offended of your choice to eat healthier and that is their problem, not yours. I often eat before a cookout so that I do not indulge in carb heavy food. If you are hungry rely on the meat and veggies to fill you up! Save your carbohydrates for that beverage you may enjoy much more. Staying fit during the summer doesn’t have to be boring, just remember that moderation is the key to success.

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  1. suzanne snyder says:

    perfect… agian i do no meats … so picnics can be hard, if its one where you can bring something, i make sure its healthy, so i at least have that….. thank you for taking the time to post.

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