What Skipping Breakfast Is Doing

One of the most controversial topics in health and fitness is the importance of breakfast or to skip breakfast altogether. There is significant research that proves what you eat for breakfast may be more important than the timing of breakfast. If you are skipping breakfast while trying to lose weight, get lean, or build muscle, you might want to check out this article.

According to a study in 2011 and recent various Twitter polls, nearly 30 percent of Americans from 18-34 years old are skipping breakfast, the percentage declines as age increases. With that amount of people skipping breakfast and American obesity on the rise, it’s hard to not see a correlation. If you are waking up not hungry or too busy to eat breakfast maybe it’s time you look to make changes to your routine especially if you are trying to lose weight. That doesn’t mean you can grab cereal on the way out the door or stop for that bagel on the way into work. In my opinion, what you eat for breakfast is just as crucial as the timing. Far too often I see people eating some of the unhealthiest foods for breakfast and it surprises me. Coming from a morning person, breakfast kick starts your day in a positive or negative way. Why fill your plate with high carbohydrate foods that are sure to bog you down before noon? Why get more sugar for breakfast than you do with the occasional dessert? If you are short on time or not sure what works best for you, I will provide some tips on various types of breakfast to help. First, we will list benefits of eating breakfast first thing in the morning.

Eating Breakfast…

  • Lowers cortisol levels (stress hormone linked to obesity and weight gain)
  • Restores blood glucose levels after the night-time fasting
  • Significant positive impact on cognitive function
  • Boost metabolism and speeds up fat burn
  • Most satiating meal of the day

Quick Breakfast Meals

  • Oatmeal or steel cut oats. Add in a little cinnamon, vanilla extract, salt, and peanut butter or fruit.
  • Eggs and whole wheat toast with almond butter or similar healthy option. Skip scrambling them as it overcooks them and you lose most of the nutrient value that way. An egg typically takes a few minutes just like the toast.
  • Protein shake with iced coffee and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil or coconut oil.
  • Eggs avocado and bacon if you are on the Keto diet. See High Fat Low Carb for more information.
  • Coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil is becoming popular with the delicious taste, health benefits, and convenience.
  • Green juice. Though this can become time-consuming and not as satisfying first thing in the morning. It is loaded with nutrients to kick start your day
  • For vegetarians or anyone trying to switch it up, tofu scramble with seasonings of your choice ie. turmeric, garlic, etc. Very similar to scrambled eggs. Spice up with other veggies if you want.
  • Nuts, any nuts are fine. You can add them to oatmeal or a smoothie if you would rather do that.
  • Fruit smoothies or protein packed smoothies can be prepared the night before.
  • Lots of water in the morning! I always start my day out with water upon waking up.
  • Overnight oats, prepare ingredients in a mason jar. They “make” themselves overnight, while you sleep. Grab and go in the morning. Research overnight oats and you will be sure to find a recipe that suits you.

If you aren’t waking up hungry it could be the result of another concern. Sleep quality can greatly impact your metabolism during rest. Can you recall sleeping a solid 6 to 8 hours and waking up feeling hungry and on the other hand, having a restless night getting up several times and waking, feeling not so hungry? So bottom line, improve your sleep quality and wake up feeling more hungry.  If time is your issue because you have kids you have to get out the door for school then it’s time to get clever. Try preparing everything at night or if you can keep oatmeal at work. My notorious statement, “sleep less” to have time to ensure you get a great breakfast and good start to the day. The process may feel time-consuming at first but just like any well-oiled machine, it takes time to make it run that way. For more morning advice check out Simple Tips for Morning Success

In summary, don’t skip breakfast. The benefits far out way the negatives that it will have on your mind and body. If you don’t have time to workout but are trying to lose a few pounds then this may be your best bet. As controversial as this may be with research that supports both causes to eat or not eat, I advocate eating breakfast. I have eaten a solid breakfast, including all of the items mentioned above, routinely, for years and will continue to do so.



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